Fenswood Farm

In addition to the Ashton Park development, Bristol University is seeking to cash in on their land adjacent to the development, known as Fenswood Farm. They plan to build 1200 new houses, businesses and a new school in the area between Long Ashton and the A 370.

Fenswood Farm - 1200 new houses next to Long Ashton

You can find their planning application here.

The University land formerly used as the Long Ashton research Station has already had 400 additional homes built on it, so this is a very real danger.

Although the plans are currently looked upon unfavourably by North Somerset Council, the developers are intent on continuing their fight.

In November 2010, they sent this letter to the Council, which included the following claims:

Our planning application is based upon the housing requirements for south west bristol identified in the revoked RSS.

To date no convincing evidence has been provided by either Bristol City Council or North Somerset Council that outweighs the RSS evidence Base.

It is considered that the major housing requirement identified in the RSS evidence base provides the very special circumstances necessary to justify development in the Green Belt.

It looks very much  like they are preparing for a legal challenge against the council.

As your councillor I will help to build an overwhelming case against this massive development.

You can find more information on the proposed development on the Architects’ website here: http://aww-uk.com/case-study/long-ashton-masterplan/. They describe it as follows:

The University of Bristol appointed AWW to work with Alder King (planning), Capita Symonds (engineers) and Cooper Partnership (landscape) to masterplan approximately 70ha of the former Long Ashton Research Station and form a highly sustainable extension to the village of Long Ashton. This will enable the land to be embraced within the proposed South West Bristol Urban Extension presently being promoted by North Somerset District Council.

We anticipate accommodating approximately 1200 new homes, a primary school, cycle and footpaths, a new railway station, large tracts of country park, together with a new junction on to the Long Ashton bypass and a linkage to the proposed new settlement of Ashton Park.


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  1. Lee Pickering
    Posted 27th February, 2011 at 10:03 pm | Permalink

    NO !
    we must Protest, and resist Urbanisation of the Green Space

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