Long Ashton Parish Council open meeting

I am just going to directly quote Cllr Henny Fordham on this one:

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is beginning to take shape and on Monday 23 April at 19.30 we’ll be presenting where we’ve got to. I hope you can come along.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan steering group has been meeting weekly for several months trying to get our heads around what we can and can’t do. Put simply, we’ve been looking at what we like about Long Ashton, what would make it better and how we can protect our environment.

We’ve pulled together a range of information including demographic data and a comprehensive list of services, facilities and assets. There have been many interesting conversations about what we’d like to do for Long Ashton and it’s now time to present these ideas and see if they’re the right kind of ideas for the rest of the village.

We’re hoping that our work will resonate with residents but also we’re expecting to hear – and take on board – other ideas from you as we know we won’t have thought about everything. The next phase is for all interest groups to feed back their ideas into the plan – this includes schools, clubs, societies and businesses. We look forward to hearing from you.

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