LA Chicken group needs members

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The group of 10 residents is hoping to find four more volunteers so it can buy 15 hybrid chickens in April, costing £16 each.

The chicken share, which was formed three years ago, is part of the village’s Transition Group.

Chicken Share co-ordinator, Julia Davies, said: “We don’t have any chickens at present so we need to replenish the flock, but we will only be able to do so when we have a sufficient number of members. The joining membership fee is a one-off payment of £35 and £3 a month thereafter. It is used to cover feed costs and maintenance of the chicken coop.”

The plot of land is owned by Alastair Sawday Publishing which allows the group to use the land free of charge, as long as it is used by Long Ashton residents for the community project.

Email or call Julia on 01275 394 094.


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