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Long Ashton Beer Festival

I am happy to announce that the Long Ashton Community Centre will be hosting a beer festival on the 29th September 2012. We can thank our newest trustee, Clive, for the idea. More information here:

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What is a village green?

The BBC has just published an article reporting that the Local Government Association (LGA) has publicly criticised the Town and Village Green (TVG) legislation: Councils in England and Wales claim they are spending millions of pounds combating “false” attempts to label land as village greens. Given our current situation with the Ashton Vale TVG application this is [...]

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Cycle path: two steps forward, one step back

The final plan for the ‘cycle path’ between Yanley Lane and the B3128 has now been passed on to the Parish Council for approval. As you may know, we have been pushing for this for a long time, working in partnership with Sustrans and North Somerset Council, as well as the local land owners who [...]

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Keeds Wood bid failed

Unfortunately the bid to purchase Keeds Wood has failed and it has been sold to someone else (we don’t know who). As the Evening Post mentions, the site is home to more than one ancient monument, details of which weren’t included in the advertisements for the land. The new owner may not be too happy [...]

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Bristol: 2050 – the nightmare scenario

The Bristol Evening Post has featured a report on the latest offering from The Initiative – a group of local ‘business leaders’ who have set out their plans for the transformation of Bristol over the next forty years in a hardback book. This does mean that for the moment we can only look at the [...]

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Zebra crossing by Theynes Croft

Over the past few weeks the Parish Council has been looking at how to improve safety at the zebra crossing on the main Long Ashton Road by Theynes Croft. There have been numerous complaints about cars failing to stop at the crossing, even while people are already walking across. The problem appears to be one [...]

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Referendum meeting cancelled

The proposed Parish Meeting on Thursday to call for a referendum in the village has been cancelled. The electoral officer for North Somerset Council informed the residents who had announced the meeting that because they had mislabelled it a ‘Long Ashton Parish Council’ meeting (it was nothing to do with the council) that the announcement [...]

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More on the proposed referendum

I thought that it would be worth recording here my further comments that I posted on to the Evening Post website, as well as the comment from Mr Mark Spacagna who is organising the meeting on Thursday: Mark wrote: I am pleased to see that so many people have views on the T.V.G and BCFC [...]

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Long Ashton referendum on the way?

A group of Long Ashton residents have called a Parish Meeting in order to call for a referendum (a parish poll) regarding the money offered by the Parish Council to support the judicial review in Ashton Vale. The story has now appeared in the Bristol Evening Post: ANGRY villagers in Long Ashton are calling for [...]

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Long Ashton Fields Map

This is an old map of Long Ashton showing the names of all the local fields. Thanks to Nigel Moorcroft for the map!

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