Train station for Long Ashton

If we are serious about tackling the North Somerset traffic problems, then increased rail travel has to be one of the solutions. Long Ashton used to have a train station, and there are already serious suggestions that a new station could be opened on the Bristol to Exeter line.

At the moment, the Fenswood Farm development application, put forward by the University, includes a plan for the new station. While I am 100% against the development of the farm, the application shows that a train station is at least feasible and to be taken seriously.

If elected I would push very hard for a new station, in combination with the finishing of the Bristol-Nailsea cycle path, which would pass right by the station, and improvements to our bus services.

Less locally, we should also push for the Portishead line to open – that again would have a positive effect on congestion in the area. It only requires 3 miles of track and a station to connect Portishead to the network.

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