Community Centre Quiz Night

You are warmly invited to enter a team for the 4th Long Ashton Community Association Quiz
Night taking place on Saturday, 16th February at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

This is a community event and teams of 4-6 are welcome to enter either as a street team or
a group team (eg.parents from school class, sports group or just friends!). Tickets are £7
per head and include a ploughman’s, tray bake and soft drinks. You are welcome to bring
your own alcoholic beverages.

There will also be an opportunity to find out a bit more about what goes on at the Community
Centre and other forthcoming events. We reached maximum capacity last year, so to be
assured of a place, please register early. An entry form is attached.

Sarah Leong
Long Ashton Community Centre

Quiz night registration form

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Easter Holiday Family Activity Day

Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Hosted by the Long Ashton Community Association with activities for all ages from 0-16. £1 entry per child which includes a free soft drink voucher. All day café in the Club Room serving teas, coffees, cakes and light lunches. Soft Play £3 per child which includes a free tea/coffee for attending parent. Some o ther activities are chargeable – see chart below . Turn up on the day or to guarantee a place at a session, pre-book by contacting Sarah Leong on 01275 393570 or . Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Full Timetable of events

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Clarken Coombe road works in February

North Somerset Council will be resurfacing Clarken Coombe in February and intend to do it under a road closure. This will affect the junction of Long Ashton Road although they plan to do this area at night to reduce the impact on traffic during the day.

Significant times and dates:-

  • Works start Sunday 10th February@ 21:00
  • 3 night closures from 21:00 to 06:00 at Long Ashton Road junction (10th to 13th)
  • 3 x 24 hours closure on Clarken Coombe beyond the Long Ashton Road junction (13th to 15th)
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New Parish Councillor

Following the resignation of Angela Neale from Long Ashton Parish Council, the public were invited to put their names forward for consideration if they wished to become a Parish Councillor. This is the standard procedure for replacing councillors mid-term.

At a meeting on Monday, the council voted to make Dr Phil Jackson a councillor. Dr Jackson has previously been a councillor and is heavily involved in running the youth club.

There were two other very good applicants, both of whom I hope will consider applying again if another space becomes available, or standing at the next election.

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Ashton Vale Inquiry put back until October 2013

According to the Bristol Post:

A public inquiry into the future of Ashton Vale where Bristol City FC wants to build its new stadium has been put back for nearly a year because of childcare issues, according to the landowners.

In a bit of careful spinning,  a spokesperson for the landowners claimed :

However, potential problems with childcare during the holiday period were presented as a reason why this timeframe would not be suitable for the applicants’ legal representatives and witnesses…. It is ludicrous to suffer further lengthy and costly delays for this reason

The article thus appears to suggest that the delay is on the part of SAVE, but in fact the opposite is true. What the article doesn’t mention, but the BBC does,  is that it is the landowners who have insisted that a full 10 days would be necessary for their evidence to be fully examined and responded to, and that it was in fact their lead counsel who wasn’t available for that period of time until June next year and, once the summer holidays were discounted because of everyone else being away on holiday, it became October next year.

One has to question why they don’t just get another barrister; if your barrister isn’t available for 11 months to do his job, then he isn’t really available at all. Get someone else, especially since they claim it is ‘ludicrous to suffer further lengthy and costly delays‘.

This seems so obvious that I am left wondering whether, in fact, they are deliberately delaying as long as possible in the hope that new laws will be brought in that will make it harder to register town greens.

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New Volunteer Group for Cyclists?

During our Neighbourhood Development Meeting yesterday  I realised that although we have a footpaths maintenance group, we don’t have an equivalent for cyclists.

The area surrounding Long Ashton features a large number of cycling routes, both for commuters and cross-country biking, and they could probably benefit from a dedicated group assisting to maintain and improve them.

For example, Ashton Hill Plantation apparently needs waymarking, but there is no budget for doing this. A volunteer group might spend a day erecting waymarkers to improve the routes, at only minimal cost.

As an aside, another idea I put forward was to see whether we could create a continuous cycle route between Ashton Hill  Plantation and Ashton Court. This is the kind of project that a volunteer group could help the council to see through to completion.

Is anyone interested in getting involved in this?


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Community Payback working well

As I write this, Community Payback workers are busy cleaning the playground facilities by the Community Centre. This is the second round of work that we have asked them to do; the first was a substantial amount of hedge cutting.

Not only does this provide a very cheap way of tackling necessary community projects, it also gives offenders a useful role in society. We pay the organisation £20-£50 and they send a team of offenders to carry out the work, under supervision.

Are there any other projects that you think would benefit from such the scheme?

You can find out more here:

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Police Commissioner elections

On Thursday we have the chance to vote for the Avon and Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner.

You can find out more about the four potential candidates here:

I can’t see why on earth we would want political parties directly involved in organising our police work, so I will be voting for the  only independent candidate, Sue Mountstevens. She has suitable experience and won’t be tied to a political party.

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Coop Car Park

Has anyone else noticed the large number of disabled spaces that have been created in the Coop car park? I think that there are now seven. Given the small size of the car park, and the fact that some spots are reserved for local residents, it doesn’t really leave a lot of spaces for other drivers.

I have also noticed that people are simply ignoring the disabled signs anyway and just parking in them… and unfortunately it is difficult to blame them. The additional effect of installing these extra wide spaces has been to reduce the overall number of spaces available for parking. Anyone who has tried to park there in the evening will know how full it can get.

Does anyone have a sense that there was ever a problem with the disabled parking available before?

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Better image of Golf Club path changes

I have managed to acquire a better version of the changes that Long Ashton Golf Club is proposing to make to the footpaths that cross the fairways:

Golf Club path changes

The routes that would be removed/diverted are in orange, to be replaced with those in green.

If you have any feedback, do send it to the Golf Club asap so that they can take account of it please. You can just about pick out the existing routes on Google maps:

View Larger Map

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